Your opportunity for feedback: worldwide search

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Do you need to search for location "worldwide" in BayWotch/PreisHai?

Yes, very important feature!
Nice to have
Don't need this!
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Your opportunity for feedback: worldwide search

Beitrag von denkmann »

Your opportunity for feedback: worldwide search

Could you please explain why a worldwide search in BayWotch/PreisHai is important to your business. I would appreciate your feedback.

In addition to this, you can vote in our poll.

Thank you!
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Elmar Denkmann
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Beitrag von klim »

for me the ebay worldwide search is very important,
because most articles i'm looking for are anywhere in the world.
i should set up a search filter for each country and run each after another, what a boring task and waste of time.
i work with an old software version, because worldwide search is working there.
using old software versions should not be a solution for future.
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I need the function for my business !

Beitrag von wue »

I am a toy collector. I collect vintage international tin toys over ebay and I have used the "search worldwide" intensiv. I also work as author for "collector journals". For this I search also for information, prices (!) and pictures of old tin toys at ebay (not only for buying). With "search worldwide" I could find items and information of prices all over the world. For my digital archive i archive with "Baywotch Archiver". Normally I have over 800 "search folder" in the software "Baywoth". Each folder stands for one kind of a tin toy. Without the "search worldwide" I must prepare n*800 search folders (one folder for each country * one folder for each tin toy) .
Please give us the important function back! Kind regards, Mathias
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I need the worldwide search

Beitrag von Wolfgang »

I'm a reseller of special technical products.
I try to buy them all over the world, refurbish them and bring them into the german marked.

The worldwide search is necessary to find theese products in english speaken countries as the US, UK, Australia and so on.

Ebay, gif us back the worldwide search in the API.

NOW, please!

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Beitrag von crinrict »

I can only agree with what everyone else says. The things I collect can be found in all kinds of countries and it would be such a hassle to have to have a search in all countries for all my search words.